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Co-Counselors LLC

Legal Process Outsourcing

More Than Just Legal Professionals

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Co-Counselors LLC is a legal processing outsourcing company (“LPO”) and only does work for law firms and corporate legal departments. An LPO may sometimes be referred to as an “Alternative Legal Service Provider.”


Law firms and companies must be nimble to serve clients without adding overhead or time-consuming administrative issues. The same amount of money spent in-house can go further if an outside vendor is chosen due to the expertise and efficiencies built into processes. Legal process outsourcing offers precisely this kind of agility.

Is your firm too busy to accept new clients or handle complex litigation? With Co-Counselors LLC, your firm may expand its practice and meet the needs of existing clients without increasing overhead.


Co-Counselors LLC's goal is to improve your firm's or company's return on investment, eliminate the concerns that are intrinsic to employee management (fringe benefits, absenteeism, productivity concerns), and reduce administrative and training costs. It also shifts the expensive and complex burdens of related employment taxes, insurance, and employee benefits to Co-Couselors LLC.


Co-Counselors LLC assists attorneys with legal research; document review; discovery; drafting of pleadings and other documents, such as contracts; formation and operation of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies; and tax preparation.

Co-Counselors LLC provides attorneys and support staff with affordable, efficient, and above all, skilled services.

Co-Counselors LLC’s principal focus is the law of the State of Texas and federal law.

Co-Counselors LLC subscribes to Westlaw Edge legal research software. If your firm uses LexisNexis, under the right conditions, Co-Counselors LLC will also subscribe to LexisNexis.


If you need assistance in other areas, please ask if Co-Counselors LLC can competently provide those services.

Co-Counselors LLC has experience in the following areas:



Business Law, including Contracts and Transactional Matters

Document Review

Federal Criminal Justice

Civil Litigation-All Texas and Federal Courts

Oil and Gas

Real Property, Trusts, and Estates




As Co-Counselors LLC grows, it will expand the number of areas in which it can provide competent assistance.

Co-Counselors LLC maintains strict client confidentiality.

All files are backed up in the Cloud, on external hard drives, and in Co-Counselors LLC's computer network.

Unless otherwise agreed Co-Counselors LLC works on a case-by-case basis.

If your law firm or company decides to use Co-Counselors LLC, you will be billed by the hour. Law firms may pass that cost, along with a reasonable mark-up, through to its client. See ABA Formal Opinion 00-420, Surcharge to Client for Use of a Contract Lawyer (Nov. 29, 2000).

Outsourcing legal services offers a variety of benefits, including cost savings and enhanced flexibility. It also works well as a complement to existing in-house services. With Co-Counselors LLC as your LPO partner, your firm can improve the bottom line while better serving the needs of clients.

The American Bar Association has determined that Legal Process Outsourcing is an ethical practice. See ABA Formal Opinion 08-451, entitled “Lawyer’s Obligations When Outsourcing Legal and Nonlegal Support Services.”

Magnitudo de Rebus Parvis

("Greatness from Small Things")


Co-Counselors LLC: Your Trusted Partner

Co-Counselors LLC offers comprehensive legal research, drafting, and advice to your firm. If you have a legal matter or problem we can offer you excellent assistance in resolving the matter in the best interest of your client or department. We offer creative litigation approaches and achieving exceptional results where other LPOs may fall short. Some of our attorneys have over 40 years of legal experience.

Advantages of Using Co-Counselors LLC


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